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It’s Money Smart Week 2014!

What’s your biggest financial challenge? We all have an area of our finances that we know could do with some attention but let’s face it – most of us would rather think about something else. The problem is that by

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SMSF and Borrowing

Lots of clients are now very interested in the option of borrowing through their Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. An option that has come under the spotlight for the Financial System Inquiry. Here’s a checklist to ensure you comply,

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Why a Hubby should consider Life Insurance

Aussies we know are a pretty easy going bunch and this is probably one of the main reasons we’re also a terribly under-insured nation. The ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude is pretty pervasive, with most of us thinking ‘it’ll never

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Budget 2014 HIghlights and You!

Well, we know that when times get tough, it makes get sense to stick to a budget, and ‘tighten one’s belt’ and that’s what the latest Australian Budget is all about.  So what are some of the main changes and

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The Budget and Mature Australians

According to Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, “the economy is growing at less than normal speed and the time to fix the budget is now.”

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New Year’s Resolutions already forgotten?

So it’s already half way through January are most of us are wondering where those few weeks of R&R went.  So how are you going with those Resolutions you made?  Still hanging in there or already over?  I thought I’d

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Finding Parity for Women’s Super

WIF had combined forces with the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and the Financial Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA) to put on a great lunch in Collins Street to discuss “Finding Parity for Women’s Super.”

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Greek Islands Calling? Or an Insurance Review?

If faced with a brush with death, many consumers would sooner jump on the next plane to a sun-kissed getaway than contemplate getting life insurance, according to research commissioned by CommInsure

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RBA Cash Rate Cut for October 2012…

So the RBA have dropped the official cash rate down to 3.25% at the October Board meeting.  Xmas in October then? Or once again, too little – too late?  How does our Resource Story and China fit in with all

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Heard about Child Trauma cover?

Child Trauma insurance should be consiered as a part of your family’s overall protection package to assist if any of those horrid childhood illnesses happen to affect your family.

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