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What the US Interest Rate Rise Means for you

Well, after much speculation and talk, it’s finally happened, the US have raised interest rates. Here’s a few fast facts for you:  The US Federal Reserve (Fed) lifted the funds rate at its December meeting by 25 basis points

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2015 is off to an interesting start…

2015 Has started on an interesting financial footing, the dollar is weaker trading at just under 80 cents to the US dollar, oil and subsequently fuel prices are down.  I haven’t seen fuel at this level for a couple of

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SMSF and Borrowing

Lots of clients are now very interested in the option of borrowing through their Self-Managed Superannuation Fund. An option that has come under the spotlight for the Financial System Inquiry. Here’s a checklist to ensure you comply,

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Is a Self-Managed Super Fund right for you?

So most of us have heard about Self Managed Super funds, but where do they fit in the somewhat complex world of superannuation funds?

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Budget 2014 HIghlights and You!

Well, we know that when times get tough, it makes get sense to stick to a budget, and ‘tighten one’s belt’ and that’s what the latest Australian Budget is all about.  So what are some of the main changes and

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RBA Cash Rate Cut for October 2012…

So the RBA have dropped the official cash rate down to 3.25% at the October Board meeting.  Xmas in October then? Or once again, too little – too late?  How does our Resource Story and China fit in with all

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Wondering what the Markets have been up to?

Update on local and international markets for the March quarter covering equities, commodities and economies

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RBA December 2011 decision to cut interest rates – and what it means for you…

Brian Redican is an Economist within Macquarie Research. In this paper, Brian examines the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to cut interest rates again following its December Board meeting and the impact this is likely to have on the economy in 2012. Read here

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Russell Market Review – week ending 26 August 2011

It looks like a bit more ‘calm’ returned to the Australian market this week, with local factors returning to centre stage again.  Can you take us through the key drivers over the past week?   After the huge moves of

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Chris Caton’s reaction to market volatility:

Chris Caton shares his reaction to the current market situation

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