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Retirees and Life Insurance

You’re retired, the house is paid off and the children are self-sufficient, – it may be time to review your life insurance? Policies expire People take out life insurance while they are working to protect their dependants if they die

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Four common mistakes when buying insurance

If your life insurance policy is in a drawer gathering dust, your family could be in for a nasty shock in the event of a claim. Here we outline some pitfalls to avoid when taking out cover. 1.      Buying on

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Insuring Your Teens

It’s devastating to watch the nightly news and see reports of young drivers, especially P platers, who are fatally injured or worse, killed on Australian roads.  As a mum of two P-platers, it certainly concerns me. Unfortunately, there are no

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Direct Life insurance vs Individual Life Insurance

There are a large amount of advertisements recommending you take out life cover out with automatic acceptance, and no medicals.  Simply sign up and be covered in under two minutes.  Sounds too easy, right? But what issue does this pose at claim time?

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Shacking Up or Moving On?

  If there’s only thing life constantly throws at us, it’s change! It often occurs when we least expect it and can take us by surprise.  Especially when it’s the end or start of a relationship!  Sometimes when emotions are

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Medical Exams are nothing to be Afraid of!

For many, getting life insurance itself can be a scary thing, but it’s not about paying premiums.   As cover can at times, be funded by super, this sometimes isn’t even an issue! The idea of preparing for not being here any

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Major Life Events mean Insurance Review time!

In our busy day-to-day activities, we sometimes overlook a very important aspect of our planning: that of protecting ourselves, and our loved ones financially if things don’t go according to the Grand Plan. Sure we provide financially for them now, but what

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Greek Islands Calling? Or an Insurance Review?

If faced with a brush with death, many consumers would sooner jump on the next plane to a sun-kissed getaway than contemplate getting life insurance, according to research commissioned by CommInsure

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