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We can come to you. You will receive an obligation free, initial visit to meet and review your situation from one of our professional qualified financial advisers.

Financial Services Guide – Issued 1 October 2018

Growth Financial Top Adviser Wealth Planning Partners is listed as a Top Adviser on Growth Financial

Our Gold Coast History


If you’ve recently moved to this lovely corner of South East Queensland and are unsure about how to find a reputable operator, firstly look for one that’s been around a long time.


Wealth Planning Partners has been operating a Gold Coast based Financial Planning practice since 1981 – a long time by Gold Coast standards.



Financial Secrets Revealed…

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In Financial Secrets Revealed, Amanda Cassar has gathered a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise from around the world. Amanda has asked amazing men and women who run some incredible companies, both nationally and internationally, for their unique views.

She has also asked some financial services geniuses from Australia and around the world for their stories, and included some everyday people’s views on money, budgeting and finances.

If you want to learn from the experts and from others who have been there before, you need Financial Secrets Revealed.



Accredited Aged Care Professionals™


We help remove the tension involved in making informed decisions about your aged care choices.  Accessing care for older Australians can be tricky with baffling jargon and a lot of paperwork.  We make it easy for you to understand your options; whether that’s staying at home longer with assistance or transitioning into to a residential aged care facility.



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