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  • #Insurance & Protection | Posted On : Feb 14, 2024

    Life Insurance: The Ultimate Gift of Love this Valentine’s Day

    It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and some of us are searching for that perfect gift to express our affection for those closest to us.  And despite a grisly past, this day has come to be known for lovers…  So just what is the ultimate gift of love this Valentine’s Day? While chocolates […]

  • #Debt Management | Posted On : May 8, 2023

    Should I Pay off my HECS Debt?

    Should I pay off my HECS debt early? Many are asking in light of the coming large CPI increase.

  • #Business | Posted On : Mar 20, 2023

    Global Banking System Volatility

    Silicon Valley Bank Failure! Market volatility has been elevated over the past week driven by the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).  Global banking system volatility is on the rise! The unfolding situation in the US could be seen by some as having echoes of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) from 2008. This, combined with […]

  • #Self Managed Superannuation Funds | Posted On : Sep 19, 2022

    Time is running out!

    Time is running out to apply for a Director Identification Number (director ID) You may have heard about the new rules which require directors of Australian companies to obtain a Director Identification Number (director ID). It is a unique 15-digit identifier that directors apply for once and keep forever. The following provides some useful further […]

  • #Investments | Posted On : Jun 28, 2022

    Staying passive is being active

    Staying the Course Heightened global markets volatility can easily trigger kneejerk reactions by panicked investors. Widespread selling, triggered by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, has been behind recent big swings on global financial markets.  This includes stock markets, commodities and currency markets. As serious as the current events are, heightened market volatility is nothing new. The onset […]

  • #Economy | Posted On : Jun 27, 2022

    Market Update – June 2022

    Volatility is Normal The volatility that we’ve seen over the last six months, while significant, is not an unusual occurrence for a normal and healthy functioning market. Heightened volatility is an uncomfortable experience in the short- term.  Equity markets and some parts of the bond markets will continue to be an important contributor to overall […]

  • #Retirement | Posted On : Jun 14, 2022

    Take Control of your Retirement

    Are you approaching retirement? Chances are the funding of your lifestyle in retirement may be on your mind! Take steps now to avoid getting caught short on retirement income and live the retirement lifestyle you want.  It’s time to take control of your retirement. The qualifying age is increasing by six months every two years […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Feb 28, 2022

    Russia Ukraine Update

    Russia Ukraine Event Update On 21 February, Russia asserted its view on the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.  Russia began mobilising troops to conduct peacekeeping operations. This was a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, the Minsk agreement, and has been widely denounced by the West. Subsequently, Russia instigated […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Feb 25, 2022

    Russia Ukraine Concerns and your Finances

    Worried about the impact of Russian Ukraine concerns and your finances?  Please reach out directly to the Wealth Planning Partners team if you want to discuss your personal financial plan. So, a little perspective on the Ukraine and Russian situation. This geopolitical event is concerning on practically every level. And there are a wide range […]

  • #Emotions | Posted On : Dec 4, 2020

    Dreaming about money? What does it mean?

    Do you dream about money?  Daydream even?  When you have dreams about money, it can be a bit of an interesting view into what your subconscious is thinking about when it comes to the topic of money or finances. Your dreams can influence your decisions, so it’s a good idea to delve deeper into what […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Nov 26, 2020

    Do I need Business Expenses Cover?

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Nov 2, 2020

    Tenants in Common vs Joint Tenants

    What is ‘Tenancy In Common’ 1. “Tenancy in common” allows two or more people to be owners in a property.  Each owner has the authority to will their share to anyone on death. 2. “Tenancy in common” is different as the transfer of the property in the event of death differs.  In joint tenancy, the […]

  • #Finances | Posted On : Oct 28, 2020

    Are you a slave to money?

    From a young age we are taught… GOOD GRADE = GOOD UNIVERSITY = GOOD JOB = GOOD MONEY Teenagers are believing that this is the only route to lead a success. It’s a cycle, churning throughout time – being handed down from generation to generation, merely reciting what they heard from parents and teachers in […]

  • #Money | Posted On : Oct 27, 2020

    The skills advisors need to handle suspected financial abuse

    Gold Coast based financial adviser Amanda Cassar says ” advisers need skills to handle financial abuse.”  Could you confidently recognise a warning sign of financial abuse? Unfortunately, financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale.  It does not discriminate. This type of abuse can occur irrespective of someone’s economic status, level of […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Oct 26, 2020

    How do I save for a house after being hit by COVID?

    How do you save for a house after being hit by the fallout from COVID? Have you been struggling financially with the COVID-19 pandemic? Has the global pandemic affected your income? How’s you financial stress level, not only in your household, but your overall mental health?  If so, how can you get back on track […]

  • #Finances | Posted On : Oct 22, 2020

    Are we teaching our kids to manage money?

    Are you teaching your kids how to manage their money?  Teaching our children about money is vital.  Do you know how to teach your kids to manage money? When interviewing for her book “Financial Secrets Revealed,” Amanda Cassar found most of us haven’t been taught how to manage money by their parents.  Are you self […]

  • #Finances | Posted On : Oct 12, 2020

    Get Ready for Storm Season, Queensland!

    Get ready for storm season! The Queensland Government want everyone to Get Ready for disaster season.  Use the 3 Step “Get Ready” Plan. Prepare your household this storm season by completing these 3 simple steps: Have a plan  Firstly, ensure your family is equipped with an emergency and evacuation plan.  Make sure everyone knows what to […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Oct 7, 2020

    Federal Budget Update 2020 – How the Budget may affect families

    How does Federal Budget 2020 impact Families?

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 28, 2020

    How to take control of your retirement

    Are you affected by the increase in the Age Pension’s qualifying age? Take steps now to avoid getting caught short on retirement income. The minimum age to qualify for the Age Pension has started going up. For those born on or after 1 July 1952, the qualifying age increases by six months every two years […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 28, 2020

    How do I invest my money?

    So, how do you invest your money?  When deciding how to go about investing those hard earned dollars, you need to decide whether you’ll: do it yourself, or pay a financial advisor to do it for you Both options have their pros and cons. However, you can – of course, do a bit of both. […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 21, 2020

    Consider your retirement lifestyle needs?

    Is it time to consider your retirement lifestyle needs? Considering the cost of living and your expected annual retirement income, is crucial to retirement planning. So, how do you consider your retirement needs?  For the record number of Australians transitioning into retirement, the increasing cost of housing is a hindrance.  Many are struggling to pay […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 21, 2020

    How to protect yourself against scams

    Do you know how to protect yourself against scams? The onset of COVID has propelled social media and marketing to an all-time necessity and has resulted in increased predatory scams and virtual hacking, putting people at risk more than ever before.  Here are some suggestions… Check to see if your email is legit by having […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 14, 2020

    Discuss financial goals via Zoom

    The ongoing COVID situation means changes to how we do business. If you are not able to visit us in person, or it is more convenient to work with us digitally, we have the capability and technology to make it easier for us to connect with you.  Is it time to discuss your financial goals […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Aug 31, 2020

    How to manage financial stress

  • #Budget | Posted On : Aug 25, 2020

    Five financial tips for large families

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