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  • #Advisers | Posted On : Oct 12, 2020

    Get Ready for Severe Weather Season Queensland

    Get ready for Queensland storm season! Yes, it’s “Get Ready Queensland” week (12th -18th October) and the Queensland Government are preparing everyone for this disaster season by providing as much information as possible. Give yourself the best chance by preparing your household this storm season by completing these 3 simple steps: Have a planEnsuring your […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Oct 7, 2020

    Federal Budget Update 2020 – How the Budget may affect families

    The announcements in this update are proposals unless stated otherwise. These proposals need to successfully pass through Parliament before becoming law and may be subject to change during this process. The 2020 Budget is all about jobs, jobs and spending to make more jobs. We already have JobSeeker and JobKeeper, and now we have JobMaker […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 28, 2020

    How to take control of your retirement

    Are you affected by the increase in the Age Pension’s qualifying age? Take steps now to avoid getting caught short on retirement income. The minimum age to qualify for the Age Pension has started going up. For those born on or after 1 July 1952, the qualifying age increases by six months every two years […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 28, 2020

    How do I invest my money?

    When deciding how to go about investing your money you need to decide whether you’ll: do it yourself, or pay a financial advisor to do it for you Both options have their pros and cons. However, you can – of course, do both. Buy and sell investments yourself The advantage of choosing to invest yourself […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 21, 2020

    Own, rent or travel – what is your retirement lifestyle preference?

    As record numbers of Australians transition into retirement, considering your retirement lifestyle, the cost of living and your expected annual retirement income, is crucial in your retirement planning. For many Australians transitioning into retirement, the increasing cost of housing is a hindrance on people’s ability to pay off their property before they retire, and this […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 21, 2020

    How to protect yourself against superannuation and online scams

    The onset of COVID has propelled social media and marketing to an all-time necessity and has resulted in increased predatory scams and virtual hacking, putting people at risk more than ever before.  Don’t know how to protect yourself? Here are some suggestions… Check to see if your email is legit by having a few checklist items that […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Sep 14, 2020

    Discuss your financial goals online

    If you are not able to visit us in person, or it is more convenient to work with us digitally, we have the capability and technology to make it easier for us to connect with you. We have also considered how we can do this in a safer online environment. We want to make working […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Aug 31, 2020

    How to manage financial stress and negative effects on your relationship

    As a Financial Advisor, we often have clients come to see us without their spouses, for investment or financial planning session. Having problems getting out of debt is our number one challenge with couples, and unfortunately has a severe impact their relationship. It’s not easy to experience the emotional turmoil that financial duress can have […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Aug 25, 2020

    Five tips for looking after your large household’s finances

    Taking care of household finances can be taxing, especially if you have a big family. But with proper planning and budgeting, there’s no need to stress. Here are some tips to help you effectively manage your household finances. 1 | Examine your finances Sitting down as a family and figuring out how much money is coming […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Aug 17, 2020

    How to get ahead when you’re in your 40s…

    In your 40s? Here’s what you need to consider to financially get ahead… Being in your 40s requires balancing many responsibilities and it can become easy to neglect your own financial wellbeing. However, it’s not too late to secure your future. Here are 5 tips that may help you financially make the most of your […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Aug 10, 2020

    Labour says, the younger generation who withdraw superannuation may be $100,000 worse-off in retirement

    Opposition steps up attacks on coronavirus support measure that allows people in financial distress to withdraw up to $20,000   Labour has said that Covid-19 economic crisis will greatly affect the younger generation, as it estimates someone who is approximately 25 years old who withdraws $20,000 from superannuation may be left up to $100,000 worse […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Aug 3, 2020

    Melbourne experiences a hammer blow to Covid-weakened Australian economy due to Stage 4 Lockdown

    It is said that the Federal government may need to provide financial aid to sustain 2nd biggest economy to mitigate flow-on effects throughout Australia.   With the recent stage 4 lockdown newly enforced announced by the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, along with the shutdown of particular industries to be revealed on Monday, is said to […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Jul 27, 2020

    We’re in a global recession, why has the share market rallied?

    The COVID-19 pandemic led to a global recession unfolding within the space of two months, with share markets collapsing and then staging a strong recovery. Markets have performed strongly even as we remain in the midst of tumultuous recession and a worsening global pandemic. How is this possible? COVID-19 recession & Understanding economic data Two […]

  • #Economy | Posted On : May 18, 2020

    Economic abuse training for advisers launches

    Occurring in 99 per cent of domestic violence cases, economic abuse can affect clients of all backgrounds Standards International has partnered with Australian adviser Amanda Cassar to launch a new training programme aimed at tackling economic abuse. Economic abuse is when one person has control over another’s access to economic resources. It was recognised as a form of domestic abuse in the domestic abuse bill last year after calls from charities to make it a standalone criminal offence.

  • #Aged Care | Posted On : Apr 9, 2020

    Reduction in account-based pension minimums

    As you probably know, capital losses from falling share prices are realised only if the company goes into liquidation or the shares are sold. Leaving investments intact may well offer the best chance to rebuild balances when markets pick up again, as they eventually do.  But, this holding pattern can be hard for older people […]

  • #Centrelink | Posted On : Apr 6, 2020

    What do the Deeming rate cuts mean?

    Interest rates have been falling a lot faster and a lot longer than deeming rates for Centrelink and Veterans’ Affairs recipients, making it practically to even earn the current deeming rates from bank accounts.Higher-risk investments (in better markets) may potentially produce higher returns, but these are often not appropriate for people in aged care and can […]

  • #Economy | Posted On : Jan 28, 2020

    Break free from being asset rich and cash poor

    Here are four ways to try to boost your income… Are you asset rich but cash poor?  Turns out, you’re not alone. Data from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) shows that almost one-third of older Australians in low-income households were asset rich but cash poor.[1] Most wealth is tied up in illiquid assets, in particular […]

  • #Economy | Posted On : Jan 13, 2020

    Do you have more than one super account?

    Did you know there is over 10[1] million Australians with a superannuation account, approximately 36% of which hold more super accounts, which make up  $20.8[2] billion in ‘lost super’. Is some of that yours? Find it Moved house? Changed jobs? Don’t know where your teenage self stashed your super? It’s easy to track it down. Consider Combining […]

  • #Finances | Posted On : Nov 6, 2019

    Want to break free from being asset rich and cash poor?

    Here’s 4 ways to boost your income… Are you asset rich but cash poor? Turns out, you’re not alone. Data from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) shows almost one-third of older Australians in low-income households were asset rich but cash poor.[1] Most of their wealth was tied up in illiquid assets, in particular the family […]

  • #In The Media | Posted On : Oct 28, 2019

    The $10k cash call: Why large payments are on the scrapheap

    Opposition is mounting against a federal government bill to ban cash payments over $10,000 with concerns it will push customers into the clutches of banks or other financial institutions.The Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, which passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday, is designed to crack down on criminal money […]

  • #Aged Care | Posted On : Apr 5, 2019

    How does the Federal Budget affect you?

    The Federal Budget explains to all Australians how the Government intends to manage the country’s finances. It outlines their tax and spending plans not only during the next financial year but into the future as well. Just like a household budget, the Federal Budget forecasts revenue and expenses to determine whether there is a surplus […]

  • #Advisers | Posted On : Dec 4, 2018

    Are we facing the end of the growth cycle… for now?

    2018 has been a mixed year for investors, with some gains, and some losses. We’ve seen a complex economic environment with geopolitical and trade uncertainty, a change of PM (again,) a Royal Commission or two and the possible burst of the crypto-bubble.  Pretty easy to say, there’s been plenty going on that can affect markets, […]

  • #Australian Economy | Posted On : Sep 4, 2018

    Boost your super savings with the work test exemption

    If you’re a recent retiree and looking to increase your superannuation savings, we’ve got some good news! The Australian Government is proposing to make it easier for recent retirees to save more super by allowing them to contribute for a year without having to show that they’ve been ‘gainfully employed’. Current rules Currently, anyone under age 65 […]

  • #Finances | Posted On : Jul 19, 2018

    Need to know more about the Downsizer Contribution?

    Since the start of the new financial year, 1 July 2018, superannuation contribution opportunities for those aged 65 or over have expanded to include the new Downsizer Contributions. These contributions enable eligible individuals to contribute up to $300,000 from the sale of one eligible property to super within 90 days of change of ownership, without […]

  • #Money | Posted On : Jun 12, 2018

    Why should I care about lost super?

    Did you know there is about 14.8 million Australians with a superannuation account, 40% of which hold more than one account? Some of that 40% make up the $18 billion in ‘lost super’. Is some of that yours? Find it Moved house? Changed jobs? Don’t know where your teenage self stashed your super? It’s easy […]

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