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Money & Mindset

The foundation of how and what we think about money often comes from the environment we were raised in, and our parents own views. We need to be very mindful of what exactly they taught us about money and how

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What does the Greek Crisis mean for Investors?

What has happened? It’s déjà vu for investors as the birthplace of Western civilization, Greece, once again teeters on the edge of economic collapse. It marks the latest in an ongoing series of crises for the country after major debt

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Some Money Mistakes Most 20 Year Olds Make!

      1.  Never learning to budget. Every dollar earned does not need to be spent. Have a financial plan and rigorously stick to it.  Budgeting also means having a regular saving plan in place. Buying a new car

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So you think you cant afford to save money?

I read a recent article about why so many people feel they cant afford to save money and thought I would share some of the insights. It seems that for some, saving money could feel like losing money.  It feels

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2015 is off to an interesting start…

2015 Has started on an interesting financial footing, the dollar is weaker trading at just under 80 cents to the US dollar, oil and subsequently fuel prices are down.  I haven’t seen fuel at this level for a couple of

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Part 1 – Hot Savings Tips! Spend Less!!

Ok, I can hear you groaning, and it’s hardly a light bulb moment, but have you really thought about it?  Really, really tried to spend less?  Unless you’re all over your budget and manage it well, it’s hardly likely.  So

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Hot Savings Tips Series Coming your way!

At Wealth Planning Partners, we often hear people say “I’ll come and see you when I’ve got money.”  It’s a bit of a cliche, but unless you win lotto, that’s not going to happen.  We’re the ones who help you

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Not quite feeling the Xmas Spirit?

There are many different beliefs and traditions surrounding Christmas, but one thing is for sure… from its start, it was meant to be about joy and celebration.  These days for some, it seems more a time of stress and debt. If ‘it’s only x

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Shacking Up or Moving On?

  If there’s only thing life constantly throws at us, it’s change! It often occurs when we least expect it and can take us by surprise.  Especially when it’s the end or start of a relationship!  Sometimes when emotions are

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Stay out of trouble when you borrow money!

Download the MoneySmart brochure here and start investing in your financial literacy. Learn tips on credit cards, car loans, rent to buy schemes and mortgages.

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