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We are here to help. Our customers include many sole traders and tradesmen to small – medium enterprise (SME) operators and professionals looking to protect their businesses, family and income from whatever life may throw at them. You’ve heard it before, but “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

To Whom it May Concern
I have known Amanda Cassar for a number of years and have watched in amazement at her energy, dedication and diligence to staff, colleagues, and clients. Her commitment to the betterment of all those she comes into contact with is clearly evident in the growth of her business and in her work with The Hunger Project where Amanda signed up for the leadership program to Uganda in 2015 and I understand again for this working trip to Africa in 2016. Amanda is
passionate about empowering women both locally and internationally.
Locally, Amanda has built a wonderful business from the ground up. Starting in 2001, she now runs a thriving practice with 5 staff members. Her clients receive her undivided attention and Amanda is dedicated to improving the financial situation of her clients with the best guidance possible. In this light, Amanda
continues to regularly study in order to enhance both her personal skills and market place knowledge. She is without a doubt a leading innovator in her field and a wonderful role model. I wish her every continuing success.

Babette Bensoussan

I’ve been working with Amanda as my wealth advisor after deciding it was time to get smarter with my finances. I realised I was a successful female, with a great income, but not investing wisely – actually, not investing in my future at all. I required someone who I related to and that I could trust, and Amanda has been exactly that.

Amanda has helped me establish my own SMSF and advised me during the process to purchase of my investment property within my fund. Her ability to translate ‘industry jargon’ and documents to enable me to fully understand the pros and cons of each investment opportunity has been most valuable to me. I also now have a plan to reduce my personal debt and better invest my funds to secure a positive financial future.

Amanda shows compassion, is collaborative in her approach and is consistent in her advice – offering motivation and the tools to truly look to my future and establish a plan for my future wealth. Relationships are extremely important to me, and working with Amanda I am confident that my future is in excellent hands. I trust her 100% with my financial future, have recommended her to friends and colleagues, and look forward to continuing to work with her.

If you should require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0422 050 054

Racheal Nasmith

Amanda from Wealth Planning Partners has been assisting us with financial strategies that will help our family (with small children) with our long term
financial goals for some years.
Amanda’s happy nature, honesty and willingness to supply information makes it a pleasure to do business with her.

Mark & Louise Marron

I have known Amanda Cassar for more than four years and commenced an Allocated Pension with her. She was able to give me advice and guidence which has resulted in a pension scheme in which I have full confidence and which has performed very well over this period.

Amanda has always made herself available at very short notice whenever I have had a query. She provides me with updates and reviews on a regular basis and has always been interested in my situation and offered suggestions regarding “switching” as the investment market has evolved.

Jean Andrews

To Whom It May Concern

I have been working in the Financial Services Industry for approximately 10 years in various roles.
During this time, I have worked with many Accountants and Financial Planners, across different states and multiple dealer groups.
Amanda Cassar is one of the most knowledgeable and professional planners in her field, which is male dominated at present. Her approach is noticeably ethical and her client’s needs are paramount to her.
Her dedication to her work, her clients and her business is outstanding and I hope that her achievements and commitment will be recognised.

Susanne Bransgrove

Re: Amanda Cassar, Wealth Planning Partners
This is to confirm that for the past two years Amanda has acted as my financial adviser.
During this time, she has ensured that my income, life and assets are protected in a tax effect manner, and that I have begun to grown an investment portfolio for the future.
By utilising tax effective investments, superannuation and managed funds, I have started to grow my investment portfolio, reduce my tax liability and have alternate sources of income for the years ahead.
I have found Amanda to be honest in her dealings with me and that she had my best interests in mind, by taking into account what I wanted to achieve. I would have not hesitation in recommendation Amanda to anyone as an Adviser.

Russell Alexander

Just checked my bank account and AIA finally deposited the funds for the back payment. What a marathon this has proved to be! (It is almost 12 months ) I want to thank you for all your persistance, I know it has been painstaking dealing with them and I know that without your influence this would have dragged on and on indefinately.

Thank you also for keeping me on track when I felt like giving up, you have been amazing and I really appreciate all you have done.

Have a great day Amanda,

Sonya Woods

I met Amanda about 6 years ago now and it was because of Amanda’s generosity that I have now been working in the financial planning industry for four years.

I was working in the fitness industry and felt I needed a career change and felt/feel very passionately about the lack of financial literacy within our society. When I first met Amanda she did not hesitate to meet with me and to help me try and forge a career in the financial planning industry.

It was in her office we had our first meeting where she explained to me the courses I would need to complete and in our first meeting we learnt of each others passion of wanting to help people improve their financial position. Amanda had a side business, Budget Planning Partners where she gave me my first opportunity to help people with their budget and money management skills.

It was not long after that Amanda with her business partners at the time offered me a role in their business as a para planner – my first role in the industry.

Amanda was very encouraging and through my employment provided me with the opportunity to complete my Diploma of Financial Planning, funding my education. I am very grateful for Amanda’s ongoing support, patience and passion for what she does.

I think Amanda is a great advocate for women in financial planning as she is very accomplished at what she does and certainly does not hesitate to mentor and assist in helping people achieve there goals and reaching their full potential, that has been my experience.

Nicole Ialuna

My sister was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in late 2010 with a very poor prognosis and has been left with many significant health and disabling symptoms post diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Mrs Cassar (already a financial planner for my mother) extended herself to assist my mother and sister concerning both financial matters and also providing a level of emotional support during this difficult time.

My sister who was eligible for a total and permanent disability insurance payout (however was unaware that she was in fact eligible) was assisted by Mrs Cassar in obtaining this payout. Mrs Cassar extended herself to ensure my sister received this payment in a timely manner particularly as my sister’s employer was close to finalising payments into the TPD scheme.

This payment has made a huge difference to my sister’s quality of life, particularly as she is able to use this money to meet her ongoing significant care and emotional needs.

Our family has greatly appreciated Mrs Cassar’s involvement on the above matter as well as assisting with financial advice, tax returns, and emotional assistance (such as paying visits regularly to my sister whilst she is in hospital and visiting my mother to check on her emotional wellbeing during this difficult time).

Pearl Blandford

I will give you a little of my history, so you can understand how meeting Amanda changed my life for the better.

I met Amanda approximately 12 or so years ago. I was about 50 years old. At that time, I had no knowledge of my finances at all, having handed all that over to my husband, to the extent I almost didn’t exist anymore.

Then by sheer chance, Amanda and I met and “WOW” how she changed my life. She made suggestions as to how I could regain control over my future.If I had met her years ago, my financial outcome would be much brighter than now.

She has not only helped me organise life insurance etc,she has assisted me in implementing a disability payment through Centrelink that I was unaware I had been entitled to. Amanda has always found ways to be helpful even with things such as making wills etc. She is an inspiration and don’t tell her I said this,…. but she is my hero. I wasn’t aware a woman in business could be so influential in the life of a woman like me.

Even when she is away on holidays or business trips and I need advice, she is on the telephone with the answers I needed. Never is any task forgotten, unheeded or gone unanswered.

Her personality is like a beacon in my life, and indeed, I feel empty if not in contact with her regularly.I love her role in my life, and could never imagine her not being part of my future. She makes everyone she meets feel special and as if we are the only thing that matters.This is a very rare and precious characteristic of this wonderful lady.

I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending her for this very prestigious award as I believe truly there is no better candidate or woman in busines today.

I remain yours truly

Rosslyn. L.C

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