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Do you have a valid Will?

Creating a valid will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones. Here we explain how to go about it. Seek legal advice While DIY will kits can seem like an easy and

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Good vs Bad Debt

Apparently, among richer nations, Aussies households are among the most in debt. Research from LF Economics, using official data, shows that Australian household debt has risen to 123% of the nation’s economic output, pushing both Denmark and Switzerland into second

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A guide to charitable donations

When you donate to charity, your gifts may be a tax deductible donation that can boost your tax refund. There are many charities in Australia that rely on donations to continue their good work and nine out of 10 of

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Planning for your retirement: reduce your worries

Planning your finances early means you are better placed to enjoy what really matters in your retirement. Read this guide to find out how. Entering retirement is a significant change – but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.

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Are you insuring your biggest asset?

With the majority of Australians still dangerously underinsured, is it time you reviewed your cover? Jeff is a clean-living 53-year-old who exercises regularly, doesn’t smoke, enjoys a healthy diet and only indulges his love of good wine at the weekend.

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Putting your Goals First

A goals-based investment approach isn’t focused on ‘beating the market’. It’s about tailoring your investments to meet your personal goals. Performance comparisons are unavoidable in the investment world. Every day you see investment managers  measuring their success by how much

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When a Will Isn’t Enough

Think having a Will in place means your estate plan is taken care of?  Here are five examples that might make you think again. Most people appreciate that having a Will helps you formalise what you’d like to happen to

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3 Reasons to Bond with Bonds

Bonds are one of the four major assets classes, but they’re probably the least understood. Here’s why they’re an important part of many portfolios. What are bonds? Bonds are essentially loan arrangements that governments and large companies use to raise

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Budget to Save Yourself!

The average household spends more than $69,000 a year.   Neal Vaughan explores the best ways to manage that. Wondering why you spend almost everything you earn, living from payday to payday and hardly saving? It could be you’re too

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Accountability and your finances

We all have good intentions when it comes to our wealth.  We want to save more, pay down debt, invest well and do better financially… and yet, most of us never meet our wealth or financial goals. Other things easily get

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