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Medical Exams are nothing to be Afraid of!

For many, getting life insurance itself can be a scary thing, but it’s not about paying premiums.   As cover can at times, be funded by super, this sometimes isn’t even an issue! The idea of preparing for not being here any

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Stay Afloat! Don’t Sink!

  The story of Noah is an old one, recently retold (and completely reinterpreted) by Russell Crowe… although I must say not retold very well! Many ancient cultures mention a Great Flood in their writings or legends.  Why is it

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Major Life Events mean Insurance Review time!

In our busy day-to-day activities, we sometimes overlook a very important aspect of our planning: that of protecting ourselves, and our loved ones financially if things don’t go according to the Grand Plan. Sure we provide financially for them now, but what

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Most of us have been touched by having someone we love be diagnosed with, battle or suffer with cancer.  Most recently, a lifelong girlfriend of mine passed away after a 7 year fight with breast cancer, at the age of

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