For most people, retirement is a time to look forward to, but the tradition of hanging up the boots at 65 and walking away with a gold watch is now a thing of the past.

With retirees living longer than ever, some choose to continue to work for more years, work part-time or even volunteer, others turning hobbies into side hustles. Hopefully, it means having extra hours to enjoy the things you love most. It can also be a time when you become concerned about making decisions which will affect their financial future.

Major questions arise such as:

When will I retire?
How much money will I need?
Will I be able to afford the lifestyle I lead now?
Where can I get help if I need it?
How much Centrelink can I expect?
Is all my Estate Planning up to date?
Experience has shown that early planning will allow you to make the most of your money. We can show you how to maximise your retirement income and possible Social Security entitlements.

Our subsidiary business, Trusted Aged Care Services can also assist if you or a loved one hit the frailty years and need Residential Aged Care Services.

Retirement looks different

Most of us have some idea about when we’d like to stop work (or at least – when we’d like to work a little less!). And inevitably we have some thoughts about what we’d like to do once we reach retirement.

Preparing for your retirement should be a positive experience. It feels great to know you’ll be able to afford the lifestyle you want once you retire.

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