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The $10k cash call: Why large payments are on the scrapheap

October 28, 2019

Opposition is mounting against a federal government bill to ban cash payments over $10,000 with concerns it will push customers into the clutches of banks or other financial institutions.


The Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, which passed through the House of Representatives on Thursday, is designed to crack down on criminal money laundering.


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Cover Story – Amanda Cassar 2017 – FS Advice


Power of Social Amanda Cassar Director, Wealth Planning Partners.




In 2015, Amanda Cassar travelled to Uganda as part of the Hunger Project. She talks to Jamie Williamson about how the experience shaped her approach to financial advice.


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CEO Magazine – Finance


Amanda Cassar is the Advisor Director of Wealth Planning Partners, assisting her client’s Australia-wide with “The WPP Way” — helping them secure, build and succeed.

Amanda Cassar has been in financial services since 1991 and is waging a war against the under-insurance issue Australia faces.


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Insurance 101: what do you need and when?

Money & Life – 22nd February 2017


There is a dizzying array of types of insurance available in Australia, although the average person probably won’t be needing aircraft or defamation insurance. But like death and taxes, the majority of people won’t be able to avoid getting at least some of the basic types of insurance such as motor vehicle, house and contents and health cover.


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Do I need a financial Adviser?

Business Woman Media – 20th January 2017


Only about 20% of people have a financial advisor or have sought professional financial advice, meaning at the moment, 80% have yet to see the need to visit a planner. So, do you need to see an adviser?  How about I give you five good reasons why it might just be a really good idea!

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Queensland firm launches aged care subsidiary

Independent Financial Adviser  – 17th January 2017


Gold Coast-based advice firm Wealth Planning Partners has launched a subsidiary firm that will focus specifically on Australia’s growing ageing population.


Advisers Therese Jarrett and Amanda Cassar will head the subsidiary Trusted Aged Care Services, according to a statement.


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Advice firm creates aged care subsidiary

Financial Standard   – 13th January 2017


A Queensland financial advice practice is launching a subsidiary business assisting the elderly transition into aged care.


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Including philanthropy in your plan

Business Woman Media – 3rd January 2017


As you’re probably aware, when you donate to registered charitable organisation, your gifts are a tax deductible donation that can boost your tax refund or reduce the amount of tax you pay… completely aside from the feel good factor you get of supporting those less fortunate.


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Power of Social – FS Advice – 2017


Amanda Cassar travelled to Uganda as part of the Hunger Project. She talks to Jamie Williamson about how the experience shaped her approach to financial advice.


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Adviser Launches Hunger Project crowdfunding campaign

Final Word  – July  2016



Adviser Director of Wealth Planning Partners, Amanda Cassar has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 for The Hunger Project (THP).


To support the campaign, Ms Cassar plans to go to Ethiopia as part of the Business Chicks Leadership and Immersion Program.


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Money, Money, Money Must be Funny in the Small Business World

Quickbooks – 22 June 2016


“I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay. And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me.”

Sometimes running your own business starts as the dream, and then the reality of making ends meet turns it into more of a nightmare.


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5 Ways to Fund Your Startup

Quickbooks – 13 May 2016


Wouldn’t it be great if fairytales were true? A fairy godmother would wait in the wings for our big moment and then make all our startup dreams come true.

More often than not, when we finally have that light-bulb moment with a great idea that we just know will work, it becomes apparent that we’re not quite sure how to fund it.


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Small Business Contingency Planning

Quickbooks – 3 May 2016


Do you have a strategy for when things don’t go according to plan?

How fantastic would it be if life just rolled along in accordance with our Plan A and nothing ever went wrong?

Unfortunately, you’ve probably experienced the need for a Plan B at some stage in your life, or even wondered if all those other letters in the alphabet might get a run as well. As a business owner, what can you do when things don’t go quite according to plan?


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Humble Savers:


Dani’s Story – The Value Of Insurance


This is the real-life story of Dani, as told by her financial adviser Amanada Cassar.


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Women and Superannuation – Looking For Parity


Well, I do love to travel and really enjoyed heading to fabulous Melbourne for the Women in Finance Vic (WIF) working lunch. I don’t need much arm twisting to get me to Victoria and was glad to combine some appointments with clients, colleagues and a great lunch.


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Superannuation and Women – Tips From Amanda Cassar


Superannuation for women has traditionally been a struggle as it is often a struggle to maximise the investment opportunities from superannuation.


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Featured in Business Chicks Latte Magazine


An interview with Amanda Cassar on Planning Ahead.


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