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You might wonder why women need different financial advice… surely the products are all the same anyway!

What has changed over the years is women’s move into the work force; they’re starting up businesses, running flexible workplaces that suit their lifestyles and taking their place as financial decision makers. More and more are taking ownership of their financial life, where once, this was traditionally the partner’s role.

Although half the workforce is now women, they are sadly left behind with very real issues such as the gender pay gap and superannuation gap as they approach retirement. ( There can be for a variety of reasons for this, including time out as caregivers for young children and aging parents, the higher likelihood of being in part time or casual work or different opportunities being available.

There are specific strategies designed to help women in the work force, and with a female owner and director for Wealth Planning Partners, we’re uniquely placed to offer specific insights and financial services for our female clients.

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