Estate Planning

Your financial adviser is the ideal person to help you start the planning process so that your estate plan is in line with your wishes.

Estate Planning

Estate planning. It’s a topic that many people don’t like to think about and one that we don’t feel comfortable discussing openly or proactively.


We spend a lot of time in our lives working to accumulate assets and perhaps we may be fortunate enough to inherit wealth so it makes sense to spend some time on our estate plan.


WPP Estate Planning Basics – Download PDF

Involving your family in your legacy


A beneficiary meeting can be a key part of a complete estate plan, helping the next generation to understand your wishes, protecting vulnerable beneficiaries and considering all the key issues.


WPP Estate Planning involve family – Download PDF

What if something were to happen to you?
Would the people and possessions that matter most to you be well cared for?
Where would all your hard-earned assets end up?
And how would your children or grandchildren manage their inheritances?


WPP Estate Planning leaving things – Download PDF

Your guide to my estate


Often, many of us are disorganised when it comes to the matters of what to do when we die. The death of a person is an emotional time for everyone involved – and a time when those people do not need the added stress or confusion in sorting out the deceased’s affairs.


WPP Estate Planning Executor Guide – Download PDF