Economic abuse is when one person has control over another’s access to financial resources. It was recognised as abuse in the domestic abuse bill after calls to make it a criminal offence.

The Financial Abuse Specialist course will be available to advisers globally via Standards International website from 1 June 2020.

The course is a training and certification programme to help advisers understand the signs of abuse.  And importantly, know how to assist clients. Therefore, the online training consists of video interviews with abuse survivors, advisers and lawyers. It includes reading materials, quiz questions, references and case studies.  At the end, you will have devised your own internal Procedure to deal with cases you encounter.

Advisers need to “know their clients”

Wealth Planning Partners director Amanda Cassar says: “As advisers we must know our clients in order to give appropriate advice. And, economic abuse can occur regardless of socio-economic standing, education, race or ethnicity.”

Cassar, a global ambassador for financial abuse prevention and remediation, added: “There is no cookie-cutter approach to assisting clients.  But, you can help reduce the risk of exposure to financial abuse through education.  Also, through advising clients about protection options such as trusts or binding financial agreements.”


To achieve the Financial Abuse Specialist certification, course participants are invited to submit testing materials. The certification aims to help consumers identify advisers with the expertise and resources to support them.

Read more about economic abuse and how to get involved with this training programme in the magazine this week.