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Some Money Mistakes Most 20 Year Olds Make!

      1.  Never learning to budget. Every dollar earned does not need to be spent. Have a financial plan and rigorously stick to it.  Budgeting also means having a regular saving plan in place. Buying a new car

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2015 is off to an interesting start…

2015 Has started on an interesting financial footing, the dollar is weaker trading at just under 80 cents to the US dollar, oil and subsequently fuel prices are down.  I haven’t seen fuel at this level for a couple of

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Amanda Cassar & the #FSPower50

  In 2013, Financial Standard launched the inaugural Power50 list, a guide to the top 50 financial services professionals who use social media to lead the conversation on wealth management, superannuation and financial advice. The list is made up of

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Stay Afloat! Don’t Sink!

  The story of Noah is an old one, recently retold (and completely reinterpreted) by Russell Crowe… although I must say not retold very well! Many ancient cultures mention a Great Flood in their writings or legends.  Why is it

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Major Life Events mean Insurance Review time!

In our busy day-to-day activities, we sometimes overlook a very important aspect of our planning: that of protecting ourselves, and our loved ones financially if things don’t go according to the Grand Plan. Sure we provide financially for them now, but what

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What is he thinking?

A recent chat with a friend soon turned into a request for a review of his financial situation, as I had a bit of time over the weekend we ended up having this very important discussion. The lack of proper

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Do Super Fees Matter to You?

Superannuation will play an increasingly important role in all our futures. What we do today is going to affect our retirement savings tomorrow.

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Family Happiness and Income Protection

It’s possibly unfortunate, but most things we do in our lives we rely on money. And money is definitely required to maintain our family’s standard of living.

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The Australian Psyche vs Risk Protection

A few statistics from the financial industry are quite sobering and have highlighted under-insurance as one of the biggest security threats facing Australians

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