What the US Interest Rate Rise Means for you

Well, after much speculation and talk, it’s finally happened, the US have raised interest rates.

Here’s a few fast facts for you:

 The US Federal Reserve (Fed) lifted the funds rate at its December meeting by 25 basis points to a target range of 0.25-0.50 per cent.

 It is the first rate rise since 2006 and follows solid US economic growth in recent years.

 The rate rise was well-flagged by the Fed and marks the first in a series of expected gradual increases in coming years.

 While rate rises often signal short-term share market weakness and volatility, long-term returns historically have remained solid amid a stronger economy.

If you’d like to read more and find out what’s happened, what if means for the economy and your investments and where to from here, please click here to read on:

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