Family Happiness and Income Protection


It’s possibly unfortunate,  but most things we do in our lives we rely on money.  And money is definitely required to maintain our family’s standard of living.

The issue is not about how much we earn or what we take home at the end of the day. It’s about living within our means and even the consistency of what and how much we earn.

Travelling broadens our view on the issue of material wealth, especially when we see the lives of people who have substantially less then we do.  This was brought home to me on a recent trip to Bali, although the happiness and smiles of the locals often put us to shame. That’s where we realize that it’s not about money to find family happiness.  Rather, it’s about the security of our income, and the ability to live within our means.

It’s no secret that the greatest cause of stress in most families stems from money or a lack thereof. That’s why at Wealth Planning Partners, one of our values is to assist our clients maintain family happiness by keeping their heath, income and their wealth financially secure.

One effective way to achieve this, is through income protection, something that when put in its place can save our family from unnecessary stress and pain in the unfortunate but common case of the family income being put on hold.  Often, due to unforeseen occurrences, such as illnesses or injury that strikes out of left field!

Although we can’t take the stress out of major illness or injury, being able to assist with continuity of income, gives the team at Wealth Planning Partners great satisfaction, knowing it’s one less thing for our clients to worry about.  We’re there at claim time for you, assisting with the forms, liaising with doctors and ensuring processing whenever you need us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a price, or complete the insurance quotation tool on the website.

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