Still a bit wary about being invested in the market??

Cash still dominates many investment portfolios at the moment, indicating that Australians are still wary about investing in equities. The ongoing uncertainty facing sharemarkets has many investors spooked and is the very reason why the appetite for term deposits remains sky high.

Whilst your Adviser may understand the importance of growth assets and constantly encourage you to stay invested, you may not agree or be fully convinced.  However, maintaining some level of exposure to equities is key to diversifying returns and achieving long-term capital growth, which is critical to making sure you don’t outlive your money!

This will help ensure that investment decisions are driven by the present and future, rather than the past.

In recognition of this, Zurich Investments has developed a video for investors
emphasising the importance of growth assets within a portfolio.

Learn more in this short video:  The Importance of Growth Assets in your Portfolio

Amanda is the Adviser Director of Wealth Planning Partners. She is passionate about assisting her clients with The WPP Way, helping them Secure, Build and Succeed financially. She is Gold Coast based, but loves travelling domestically and internationally.

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