Is your best defence a long-term diversified strategy or are you still hiding in Cash?

Following recent periods of volatility and sharemarket losses, many investors have sought a haven in defensive assets such as cash.

While cash is an important component in any diversified portfolio, it is a low-risk, low-return asset class which is unlikely to provide the growth required to help you rebuild long-term wealth. This means that it may be time for you to consider re-balancing your portfolio with higher returning, and therefore, higher risk asset classes, such as shares.

The best defence is not always what it might seem… 

The are good reasons for cash reliant investors to consider why now is the time to make sure they’re following a properly diversified investment strategy.  Weigh up what happens if you stay in cash… And what happens if markets do go down again…

Russell here provides 4 reasons why now may just be a good time to get back into the market.  Check out the report here:

Is it Time to Get Back In?

Amanda is the Adviser Director of Wealth Planning Partners. She is passionate about assisting her clients with The WPP Way, helping them Secure, Build and Succeed financially. She is Gold Coast based, but loves travelling domestically and internationally.

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